Automated wildlife monitoring

We design and implement top to bottom surveys for rare species, Before-After Control-Impact studies (BACI), and long-term population monitoring. Data from automated sensors allow:

  • Highly replicable third party surveys
  • Cost effective monitoring at scale
  • Rigorous and statistically powerful metrics
  • Archived data that can be independently re-analyzed

Technical advice

We analyze very large datasets collected by automated sensors in remote locations around the world. We have a working knowledge of most of the acoustic sensor hardware and software packages currently available (and have developed many of our own tools).

This includes extensive experience with:

  • Automated Recording Units (ARU’s), Song Meters, and our own prototype Wireless Acoustic Monitoring devices (in collaboration with Nexleaf Analytics)
  • XBAT, Raven, seewave, WildSpectra, SoX, Ishmael, and other bioacoustics analysis software