Title: Data Technician

Location: Santa Cruz, California

Job Description:

Conservation Metrics, Inc. is a fast-growing start-up committed to improving wildlife conservation through better monitoring. We specialize in using automated sensor networks and sophisticated detection and classification algorithms to increase the power of wildlife monitoring projects while reducing costs and logistical constraints.  We have a global client base; including government agencies, non-government organizations, foundations, and energy companies.  Projects include Before/After Control/Impact studies to quantify and compare the effectiveness of conservation actions, long-term monitoring projects, and surveys for species that may be extinct and/or data deficient.

The Data Technician processes data from automated sensors to detect and classify sounds or images of interest as part of wildlife survey and monitoring projects. Typical job duties will include managing data intake; applying deep learning detection models; reviewing classification outputs; summarizing analysis results; and drafting tables, figures, and text for reports. This position will be supervised by CMI’s Operations Manager, and will work collaboratively with our entire team of analysts and managers. CMI offers a fast-paced and dynamic work environment that encourages creativity and innovation. Our work marries cutting edge technology (data science, sensor networks, Big Data, machine learning, etc.) with traditional research methods to answer questions about fascinating species and ecosystems. The position requires curiosity about the environments in which we work, and the ability to learn new skills and technology quickly. Your work will have a direct impact on wildlife conservation.


  • 1-2 years of experience in data science or script-based software (R, Python, Matlab)
  • Experience with, or interest in, automated sensors and remote sensing technology is particularly beneficial
  • BA/BS in Applied Math, Biology, Computer/Data Science, Statistics, Zoology or related disciplines
  • Ability/Interest in learning new data analysis techniques
  • Excellent English language skills. Fluency in a second language is a plus
  • Excellent organizational skills, ability to follow instructions and structured workflows, detail-oriented and ability to identify problems and contribute to creative solutions.

Compensation: CMI offers a salary and benefits package that is competitive for the duties described, commensurate with experience. Our work schedule is 8-5:30 Monday through Thursday.

To Apply:  Please send a cover letter, resume or cv, and 3 references to Jeff Schlueter at:

[technicianjob AT conservationmetrics.com]

Timeline:  We will begin interviewing applicants in June 2019, position is open until filled

pdf of this position description available for download here